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Parent Testimonials

Listed below are actual letters written to the Camp Administrator. If you would like references from parents of our campers please let us know and we will provide them.

"Thanks so much! Connor enjoyed the summer camp again this year. Thank you for always providing such a great experience in the Summer/School camps for Connor." Connor's mom - grade 4

"The kids have had a blast this year at camp. They love the ‘new free time activities’ and Mackenna is pumped that next year in 5th grade she gets to go on ‘more trips and trips for big kids’. I cannot commend you and your staff enough for all of the hard work, patience and love that goes into making all of the kids have a memorable fun summer vacation!!!" Mackenna and Delaney's mom - grades 4 and 2

"I just wanted to let you know my daughters Sydney and Sabrina had a great time at camp! You run a wonderful program and we will be back next year. I can’t believe this summer was Sydney’s fifth year already. She really enjoyed Hurricane Harbor. Your staff is great!" Sydney and Sabrina's mom - grades 5 and 1

"This summer was Alex’s first year at ISC and WOW, did he have a great time. I have to say, I have never seen such a well ran organization. I also felt very secure in knowing I could go to work, perform my duties and know that Alex is being well cared for. I would like to thank you and your staff for providing a great environment for Alex and we will see you next summer!" Alex's mom - grade 3

"Thanks so much for a great summer! My daughters Paige and Leah were both a little anxious about summer camp. However, once started they couldn't get enough! They thoroughly enjoyed their time and have begged to come back next year!" Paige and Leah's mom - grades 3 and PK

"My children, Danielle and Nathaniel, had a wonderful time. Also, my niece, Jillian, had a blast. The staff was very polite and informative when ever I had a question. This was the best camp I had enrolled my kids. Thank you." Nathaniel and Danielle's mom - grades 4 and 1

"I have to tell you, this was Danielle’s first year at ISC and she had a great summer. She wants to come back every year through 8th grade which is a testament to the fun she’s had. She’s learned to roller skate & blade, made new friends and had lots of fun." Danielle's mom - grade 1

"We had a great experience with camp this summer! It was our first time- Gianna was in the PK group. The staff was always extremely cordial and helpful, and I also felt very comfortable with the extra care and attention that is put into caring for the younger kids (ie, not allowing them to walk by themselves to activities, increased communication with incident reports, etc)." Gianna's mom - grade PK

"Terrance is having a ball at camp. He wakes up saying is it camp time and I truly thank you myself too because he's so exhausted. When he gets home he falls right to sleep at bedtime or he is excited to go to bed to get to camp the next day. You organization was a great choice!" Terrance's mom - grade PK

"Bridget absolutely loves come to the ISC Summer Camp. I am so glad someone recommended your camp for her and will definitely be seeing you year after year." Bridget's mom - grade 2

"Ryan LOVES camp, he especially loves Mr. Pooh. Sean loves it as well. I am blessed (just blessed) that we found you guys." Sean and Ryan's mom - grades 2 and 1